National Drive Electric Week (Oklahoma City) - 2015

National Drive Electric Week (Oklahoma City) - 2015

Oklahoma City Drive Electric Event was held on September 12, 2015 from noon-4:00 PM in The Paseo Arts District. The weather was absolutely perfect, clear Oklahoma skies, high 70's, light breeze. 

32 vehicles came out: 6 Teslas, lots of Leafs (including mine), 3 BMWs, several Volts, a Ford Focus, 2 motorcycles (a Zero, and a custom built racing cycle). 

Tons of test ride/drives were given. My inexpert estimate is that we had 150+ visitors, not counting the nearly 50 volunteers who brought vehicles or otherwise helped out. 


- Mayor Mick Cornett proclaimed 9/12-20 Drive Electric Week in OKC. 

- OG&E, our electric service provider, was generous! They set a meter with a 240 V service at no cost, and brought EVs to show and volunteers to help. 

- The OKC EV fleet manager came to talk about their vehicles and infrastructure efforts.

After NDEW, we celebrated with a drive on Route 66 to Albuquerque!