Gigafactory Grand Opening

Gigafactory Grand Opening

Friday, July 29, 2016

Electric Ave
Sparks, NV

We got an invitation to the Gigafactory Grand Opening! We thought the event was well done and reasonably well organized. The tour itself was about an hour long and focused on the cathode-side of the facility (we didn’t get to see the anode side), followed by a view of Tesla Powerwall and Powerpack assembly.

We were based at a pop-up pavilion assembled for the event. It easily held the 1500 people (give-or-take) attending. There were several bars serving beer, wine and two cocktails, as well as snacks being passed as well as offered from two stations. The lines were sometimes long, but they were still serving food when we left at 11pm.

It was good to see Elon & JB Straubel speak. We didn’t learn anything new - you can see Tesla’s official video with Elon & JB here:


We also got to meet other Tesla Owners Club Presidents for an information sharing lunch that will help us work closer together. Our #texasEV shirt ensured other Texans could find us and we met owners from all over the state!