Technical Event - Your Tesla Exposed!

Technical Event - Your Tesla Exposed!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

The big geeks and the rest of us had a fine time in the automotive workshop at Dallas Makerspace. Thanks for Chris Hightower and William Petefish for heading up the event! We learned a lot about our cars and did actually learn how to get the NTTA Tolltag to work.

  • We began with Danal Estes showing off the EV Appliqués aluminum rear lighted appliqué.
  • Chris & William wowed the audience by answering all questions fielded in our tech session panel.
  • Kirk Ballou showed off his voice - and Arduino-controlled Tesla P90D.
  • Chris demonstrated a long list of accessories, including vinyl trim, colored lettering appliqués (which he proceeded to apply to the X  attending) and CANBUS cables that can be used to monitor the car’s battery pack state.
  • Last, but not least, Don Schaefer offered to make more of his snazzy 3D printed Supercharger phone chargers and showed us some of the upgrades he had done to his car (Tesla-logo puddle lights, radar detector, aluminum dead pedal, high-end carpeting)

Attendees also had access to exclusive discounts from IdeaFab and AbstractOcean, as well as Starbucks Coffee and KrispyKreme donuts.


Stephen Blackburn recorded the entire event and highlights from the 3 1/2 glorious hours are available for your enjoyment in this Youtube playlist.

As usual, we conducted a survey. Survey responses were generally positive, but there was a feeling the event was too long. We were also advised if we ever entertrain another extended discussion on hypermiling, there will be a flogging (all of you suggesting Dallas to Atlanta via KOA-stops or New Orleans are reasonable, consider yourselves warned). Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey - we will use your commenets to impove future events.

This event was open to Regular and Associate members of Tesla Owners Club of North Texas.