Road Trip to Fossil Rim

Saturday, November 12, 2016 8:30am
Let's stretch our legs with a long road trip!

Come join us for a trip to Fossil Rim Nature Center in Glen Rose, Texas! 

Fossil Rim is a drive-through nature preserve. Amidst the live oak thickets, limestone outcroppings, and stands of juniper; nestled away in the rustic hills of Somervell County, you will discover a sanctuary for endangered species. The drive in the preserve takes 2-4 hours. 

The drive in the preserve itself is awesome and it's so much more enjoyable in a silent car.

We've been many times and think this event will be great fun with or without your kids and grandkids.

Afterwards, you’re free to head back home via Glen Rose (we highly recommend a stop at Pie Peddlers)!

Or, continue on with us to Gilbert Pecan Company in Santo!

We’ll have lunch in Stephenville and then journey on to Gilbert Pecan, to load up on all things pecan. Afterwards, we’ll end our journey at the Walgreen's in Hudson Oaks (with Chademo adapter and EVgo card) to allow everyone a chance to top off a bit to get home.

If you've never taken your Tesla on a road trip, this is the perfect opportunity to learn about trip planning and energy management in a safe environment.

This Fossil Rim part of the trip is well within range for an 85 leaving from Plano or closer (we estimate ~65kWh). For those of you up in McKinney or further, or with a smaller battery, you may need or want an enroute charge. [Remember: Driving a little slower (GASP) makes all the difference when extending your range.] For those continuing on to Santo, many of us will want an additional charge at Hudson Oaks before heading home.

We're going to meet at the Cracker Barrel in Burleson and depart at 8:30am for the forty-six mile drive to Fossil Rim. This Cracker Barrel has an EVgo DC Fast Charger and we'll have a CHAdeMO adapter and EVgo card available for anyone who wants to charge. Arrive a bit early if you want to charge!

If you want to see the energy estimate for your car, visit EVTripPlanner and enter the following waypoints as your destination:



NOTE: We believe the event is safe for your car, but please note that we are driving amongst wild-ish animals, so it's conceivable something could brush against your car. Also, the roads within the park have some potholes. At the speeds we will be driving (less than 5 MPH for the most part), they will not be an issue for an attentive driver.


There are no club costs for this event for Regular Members. Associate Members are welcome to join this trip for $20. The $20 surcharge covers the general liability insurance the club purchases for on-road events.

Admission to Fossil Rim is:

Adults: $25.95 per person

Seniors (62+): 15% off per person

Child (3-11): $19.95 per person

2 and Under: FREE per person

Animal Feed: $7.00 (includes tax), one bag per vehicle.

Rain Date: Saturday, November 19